Welcome Loves, My name is Shaylie. 
I’m a CrossFiting, power lifting, bohemian living, boy mama of 2.

I am just on my own little journey through life, and want to help as many people as I can on the way. My view on fitness, weight-loss and body image is grounded on building muscle by lifting weights. Supporting this by eating wholefoods with a balance on indulgence (80/20 Rule). 

I am passionate about helping women see their worth and how strong they can be with their minds and body and that the weights room is not just for the blokes. 

I am extremely passionate about mindset and mental health. Through my own journey and struggling with health issues ranging from depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems; I found lifting weights, training regularly and healing my body with nutrition changed my life physically and mentally. 

I am a very WOO kind of gal. I love all things holistic and spiritual and this helps me stand out from the rest.

With personal guidance and attention, strong focus on strength and functional training with my personal holistic approach to diet, mindset and over all well-being. I can help you be the best version of YOU!

Contact me for your free 30 min consultation, where we can discuss your goals and aspirations and how Sanity through Strength can help you.

  • Australian Institute of Fitness Trainer
  • Certificate in Nutrition Coaching
  • Certificate in Maximsing Strength & Absolute Power
  • Certificate in Group Training
  • Certificate in Level 1 Strength Training
  • Level 1 Kettlebell
  • Certified Pre & Post Natal Trainer
  • Reiki Practitioner 
  • Health and Wellness Coach