Now What....

I am sitting in the airport on the Gold Coast waiting to get home. Back to reality and the stresses of life. Where have I been, you ask! I have been on a Wild Women's crossfit retreat in Byron Bay. Where we ate clean foods, trained our asses off, mediated, morning ocean swims and learning how to self love. What a journey it is to throw a bunch of women who half of us had never met and what the wildness unfold. 

I have never been comfortable in big social situations and allowing myself to be open. But this was different. Every single one of us connected in one way or another. Every single one of us had some kind of inner battle. The support, love, understanding, connections and the laughs. 

This trip allowed me to see the potential I really do have to be a great;

• Crossfitter

• Personal Trainer  

• Nutritionist  

• Mother

• Partner  

• Daughter  

• Sister  

•  Friend 

To the the best version of me. So shine. Be bad ass. I know see, nothing is impossible for me to do. 

The past six days where beautiful and the friendships I have made I will keep forever.  

We are a bunch of bad ass wild women. 💟