Effective approach to fitness

This may or may not ruffle a few feathers. But hey...a little exchange of opinions never hurt any body right?

Throughout the world the "typical" workout consist of isolated movements and long areobic sessions. In the community of fitness from trainers to magazines it has made the public believe that lateral raises, leg extensions, bicep curls, sit ups and 40 minutes on the stationary bike or treadmill is going to lead to some amazing fitness. Now don't get me wrong! There is a place for these workouts. But wouldn't it be great to be functional with out fitness. Why not try compound movements and shorter-high intensity cardiovascular sessions. Replace the lateral raise with a push press, leg extension for squats, bicep curls for pull ups. 


Functional movements and high intensity workouts are so much more effective. Although this may seem like my opinion (and i guess it kind of is) but this is a pretty solid fact. 

The biggest reason for compound movements is the fat burning potential. To lose weight you need a calorie deficit diet which can only occur with compound exercises. Because you are preforming movements that include a large amount of muscle groups this allows a greater potential burn more calories. And a bonus...you continue to burn fat up to an hour or more after your compound exercise workout. 

Compound exercises are more functional than isolation exercises. They closely mimic our everyday movements. Just think, look at the squat and over head press. You squat down to pick up a box; you press an object overhead high on a shelf. The increased strength, coordination and muscular endurance you gain from doing compound movements will transfer to most daily situations.

If you need some help educating yourself what is right for you and want to know more on functional fitness, send me a MESSAGE. I would love to chat with you. 

Shaylie x

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