I’m back! Post-natal Journey.


So those who may not know, I recently had a baby boy who is now 10 days old. His name is Byron and his AMAZING. I am now the Mumma bear of 2 beautiful perfect little wildlings.

The proudest big brother. 

The proudest big brother. 

For the entire time of my pregnancy my life was literally on hold. No training, no social life. I literally took my son to school and then would sleep and vomit all day most days. Many dark days were had.

Considering before getting pregnant with Byron I was in a pretty good place health wise. Yet, I had so many health issues with pregnancy. I was really confused as to why I got so sick. What was it that I was doing/did wrong. Why me? Early on I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum which is basically a fancy word for severe morning sickness. I would vomit up to 10-15 times a day sometimes (yep, not kidding). This lasted right until the end. I even vomited the morning I was induced to have Byron and once again in labour. I lost a lot of weight and was very close to being malnourished. I was then diagnosed with gestational diabetes which resulted in me having to take medication and then be insulin dependent. Along with Gestational Hypertension (high blood pressure) and some intense depression from being so unwell. With all these health issues, this resulted in me being Induced at 37 weeks. Which in hindsight was a blessing. I was ready and so was Byron.


I couldn’t believe how shit I felt, I resented being pregnant. I resented my partner. I resented having to get up and still parent my oldest boy. It was horrible. I was so scared I wasn’t going to bond with Byron because in my eyes he was the reason I was so unwell and not a active parent in my other sons life. Now that Byron is here, I am so so in love and can’t even believe those thoughts even crossed my mind.he is the perfect addition to our family and now we are complete. It just goes to show how mentally challenging this pregnancy was for not only myself but my loved ones who had to deal with my moods and daily meltdowns. But I believe I was given these lessons for a reason. I was given Byron for a reason. Despite the negatives, this was meant to happen exactly how it did.

  Now, that I’m in the post natal stage, I am itching to get back to training and getting my nutrition on track. Despite losing so much weight I did gain some back towards the end and my body needs some work. It needs love, attention and some serious nutrition. I am going to blog my progress not only to keep myself accountable, but to show others that just because you’re a Mumma it doesn’t mean you can’t be a bad ass and look after your body and train like a beast if you so desire.

I have not yet been 100% cleared for intense exercise yet as I’m only 10 days post natal. But I will be starting my nutrition straight away, logging my macros and following a plan that is tailored to me and while breastfeeding. I will start some very light/gentle training to ease my body back into moving the way it used to. Once I am clear for training I will ease back into my weight lifting and Crossfit but will be incorporating a lot more yoga and mindful exercises too.

I would love for you to follow my journey and allow me to show you what I can do. And hope that in some way I can help others as well.

I am trying to avoid the scales. And using measurements and photos to see progress. As a weight lifter I find scales to be my enemy. But they are a good starting point to see where you are at.

Please follow my journey and let me know if there is anything you’d love to see/learn/hear more of.

Now to dig out my nanos! 🙌

Shaylie x

My current measurements  

   Bust  - 111cm

Waist-   108cm 

Hips- 127cm 

Thigh- L 64cm R 63cm 

Arms- L 28cm R 26cm  

Height- 168cm  

Weight: to be added 

8 days post baby.  

8 days post baby.