Week 1 down

Ok, so week 1 of my journey probably wasn’t amazing. I wasn’t as organised as I would have liked to have been. Still trying to find that balance and flow of now being a mum of 2. But I am feeling really good being 3 weeks postnal. I hAve found that even though I am not getting as much sleep as I’d like I actually have a great amount of energy. I am itching to get into that gym or lift some weights and get that adrenaline going from some disgusting metcon 😂. 


So compared to last week there isn’t a huge difference physically. A few cm here and there which is cool. But on the inside I am feeling great and positive. Which is super important to me as I was in a super bad place when I had my first son. With post natal depression and anxiety. This time I am in a completely different mindframe. Sure, I still have some moments where anxiety gets the better. But who doesn’t!  

i am really excited about my new journey and can’t wait to share it with you all. 

Some awesome things are happening.




Left- 2 weeks post natal 

Right- 3 weeks post natal  


W- 108cm

H- 124cm

B- 112cm

LA- 27cm RA- 27cm

LT- 60cm RT-60cm

Love, Shaylie x